We develop and manufacture air conditioning and air treatment systems in compact or split construction for installation on or under vehicles as well as operation in separate installation rooms. These possibilities offer a central or decentralized generation of heat and cooling and ensure the effective guidance of the air quantity, the cooling brine or the heating medium.

Manufactureres of rail or special vehicles need a competent and flexible partner, who also develops solutions for different requirements in small quantities - we will be happy to advise you.

We supply the following products and services:

Air conditioning equipment for roof construction, underfloor installation or interior installation
  • Compact Air Conditioning Units
  • Compact Cooling Units
  • Heating and ventilation equipment
  • Split facilities
Air guidance and distribution systems
  • Systems for interior and exterior mounting made of metal or plastic
  • Pressure Protection Systems
  • Muffler
Complementary components
  • Air circulation heaters and air circulation equipment
  • Sensors for air condition and quality
  • Findings and working up of old plants
  • Modernizing of old plants
  • refrigerant change
  • Retrofit of control systems
  • Maintenance of climate systems
  • Climate engineering measurements
  • Spare parts procurement including obsolenscence cleaning

Selected products

Here you will find a selection of our products in the field of climate systems.
More detailed information on these and other products is available on request.

Compact Air Conditioning Unit

Powerful, fully redundant passenger coaches climate device. For use in extreme environmental conditions.

RAC05.02-R Driver's cab

Kompaktklimagerät mit integriertem Schaltkasten, entwickelt für die Dachmontage von Regional- und Fernverkehrsfahrzeugen.

RAC25.14-R Passenger coaches

Compact climate device for the roof mounting of passenger coaches with integrated switch box. For use in extreme environmental conditions.

RAC22.17-R Passenger coaches

Powerful passenger coaches climate device with high power density and low total weight.

RAC05.02-R Driver's cab

Leistungstarkes Kompaktklimagerät für die Klimatisierung vom Führerstand mit integriertem Schaltkasten. Für den Einsatz in Nord-, Mittel- und Südeuropa.